lily anna could be a really pretty girl if she just let it show. PD is going to help her by making sure she always looks her best. Lesson number 1 is “don’t make faces” and when he says it, he means it. Every time she makes her ugly face, little lily is going to get a painful reminder.

PD starts off hooding her so he doesn’t have to deal with her wretched looks. He’s content to play with her pussy while she whimpers and cries. His knife really gets her screaming, but it sounds like she may have learned her lesson. lily sucks his cock pretty well, too, until she starts making her ugly faces again.

Then it’s back into the hood until PD devises her next lesson. lily anna’s next lesson comes while she’s bound in iron shackles. First he reminds her not to make her faces, then he tests what she’s learned. her slutty cunt hole gets an early reward in the form of a dildo and then her test comes. PD canes her feet while she struggles to hold back. Every time she slips his cane finds her body again, for as long as she can be good he fucks her mouth and cunt.








2257 compliance



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